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The original hot yoga studio in the Fox Valley area

At our bare bones yoga studio all you need is a mat, towel, and water for class. All of our classes are open to beginners but may challenge you mentally and physically. There is no such thing as a perfect posture, so just do the best you can and we'll help you get creative if you need to. We try to be accessible to everyone and have some of the most affordable classes around. Everyone should be able to come to Yoga class! Giving back to the community, we donate to charity and offer free sporadic classes to our students. We have proudly been serving the Fox Valley and surrounding areas of St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, and Elgin, for over 7 years. We look forward to seeing you in class!


  • Power Vinyasa

    Students are guided through Sun Salutations and a flow of sequenced postures that detoxifies, heals and rejuvenates the body. Often referred to as “meditation in motion”, our Power Vinyasa classes cultivate strength, endurance, focus, balance, and flexibility.

  • Hot Pilates

    Hot Pilates is an extremely challenging full-body workout using Pilates principles. It is high intensity and no impact, so it is a safe practice for all fitness levels of students. You will strengthen and change your core like never before. Take 5 classes and you will be transformed forever.

  • Bikram

    Beginners hot hatha yoga series containing the classic 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises done in a heated room for 60 or 90 minutes. This class is open to all students regardless of ability or experience.

  • Fusion

    Mostly the same postures from the Bikram series but with some added vinyasa postures and sun salutations.

  • Yin

    A very slow paced class. Postures are mainly done on the floor, focus from the knees to the rib cage, and held for periods from 2-5 minutes.

Info & Sign-Up

Bring a yoga mat, large bath towel to cover your mat, and water

We sell eco-friendly yoga mats starting at $24

We rent mats for $3 and towels for $2

Please arrive 20 minutes before your first class



Please send us an email for more details on the following events

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I had an odd path into yoga. I probably could have been voted least likely to become a yoga instructor in my high school year book if there was a vote for that. Tattooed, into hot rods and rock 'n' roll, I was very inflexible and didn't like to work out. I didn't live the "yoga life". I had my first back surgery when I was 21, a severe ankle injury at 22, and my second back surgery at 26. I had enough. I was too young for this stuff and needed a healthier life style. My wife took me to a hot yoga class and my life changed forever. Yoga has done so much to help with my back and ankle amongst so many other things. Since my journey into yoga, I have studied under Bikram Choudhury, Tony Sanchez, Bryan Kest and attended many yoga seminars and workshops. I love watching students overcome obstacles they think they cannot. This yoga is tough, but calming at the same time. There are good days and bad days. The worst days are when you don't show up for class. After an injury prone 25 years, my body has never felt better. I'm Doug, and I'm outta herrrrrrrre!



I fell in love with Bikram Yoga after taking my first class August 2005. I’ve always been pretty athletic, loved to run, I played soccer in high school. I worked as a Massage Therapist, at a health club, so I was always doing some sort of boot camp, spin, aerobic exercises. I really loved a challenge, (still do!) so Bikram Yoga was right up my alley. After practicing for a year, I decided to go to Bikram teacher training in the fall of 2006. Since that first class, I had no I idea that my life was going to change!! The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself was my confidence. I’ve always had insecurities growing up, and was super duper shy. When I first started practicing, I was the one in the corner, unnoticed, wearing long pants and t-shirt. It took me a few years to get into a pair of yoga shorts!! What yoga has taught me, was to get out of my comfort zone, let go of my insecurities, and to love myself. I have continued my yoga education by visiting teacher trainings and attending many seminars and workshops. I am also a certified Power Vinyasa and Hot Pilates instuctor as well as a certified Health Coach. I have a huge passion for health and fitness, I believe that we have only one life, and by taking care of our health, we can live a long happy one!!

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